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A. S & Corporate Acct. PractML-56T P GhoshTaxmann'sYes
Accounting For Retirment Benefits In The Financial Statements Of Employers ML-17Kamal GuptaICAIYes
Accounting StandML-74T P GhoshTaxmann,SYes
Accounting StandardsML-131M P Vijaykumar Snow WriteYes
Acct St And Corp Acct PracuesML-158T P GhoshTaxmann,SYes
Acct St And Orp Acct Pracues (As-30 & As-31)ML-159T P GhoshTaxmann,SYes
Advanced Account (Vol.2)ML-44M C Shukla -Ts GrewalS ChandYes
Advanced AccountancyML-30S N Maheshwari Vol-1-Yes
Advanced AccountancyML-31R.L.Gupta & M.Radha SwamySaltan Chand & SonsYes
Advanced AccountingML-91M P Vijaykumar (3-Book)Snow WriteYes
Advanced AccountingML-214Ashok Sehgal &DeepakTaxmann,SYes
Confingencies & Erents Occarring After The Balance ML-18Kamal GuptaICAIYes
Depreciaion AccountingML-19Kamal GuptaICAIYes
Environmental Accouning & ReporhingML-48B ChakravartyICAIYes
Environmental Accouning & ReporhingML-49B ChakravartyICAIYes
F Lessons Accounting StandardsML-92M P Vijaykumar (3-Book)Snow WriteYes
Guideance Nehe On Account For LeasesML-20Kamal GuptaICAIYes
Guideance Nehe On Accounting Tretment For ModvatML-6Kamal GuptaICAIYes
History Of Accountncy Profesion In IndiaML-238G P Kapadiya(2-Book)ICAINo
Impeact Of Account Stand On Tax & Other Audits Of Non Corporate EIVITIESML-11P N Shah/Kishor KariaBCASYes
Indian Accounting Standards & GaapML-162Dolphy DsouzaSnow WriteYes
Indian Accounting Standards & GaapML-163Dolphy DsouzaSnow WriteYes
Indian Accounting Standards & GaapML-132Dolphy DsouzaSnow WriteYes
Indian Accounting Standards & GaapML-133Dolphy DsouzaSnow WriteYes
Inter Financial Reporting Standards CifrsML-134Dr A L SainiSnow WriteYes
Management & Accounting Research (Vol-2)ML-36-ICAIYes
Management & Accounting Research (Vol-3&2)ML-45-ICAIYes
Management & Accounting Research (Vol-3)ML-50-ICAIYes
Management & Accounting (Vol-1 To 4)ML-7-ICAIYes
Padaka Stud Guide On Advanced AccountingML-93H Shekar (2 Book)PadhakasYes
Student'S Guide Account Stand ML-65D S Rawat (1+3-Book)Taxmann,SYes
Student'S Guide Advance Accounting ML-239G Sekar-Yes
 ML-10Kamal GuptaTata M C HillYes
A Guide To Company AuditML-5J Sf GibbICAIYes
Accounting & Auditing StandML-212D. S RawalTaxmann'SYes
Advance Auditing ML-94G SekarPrdhaka'SYes
Advance Auditing ML-135M Pvijay KumarSnow WhiteYes
Audit Of Gernal Insurance CoML-37Rahul RoyICAIYes
Auditing ML-95G SekarPrdhaka'SYes
Auditing Ques, Ans.ML-21D Datta ChowadharyCentralYes
Bank AuditML-32M M ChitaleICAIYes
Concurrant Audit Of Bank'SML-46S P ChhavedICAIYes
Contemporary Auditing AditionML-8Kamal GuptaTata M C HillYes
Contemporary Auditing Adition (3)ML-9Kamal GuptaTata M C HillYes
Contemporary Bank AuditML-226Nitin P TriokekarSnow WhiteYes
Credit Rating ML-33H N MotiwalaICAIYes
Gudance Mite On Audit Of Debtors Loans & AdvanceML-12Kamal GuptaICAIYes