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CA- Global Career Opportunities through a Premier Professional InstituteSL-1BOSICAINo
Creating Global Professionals ED & TR For CASL-2BOSICAINo
A Guide to Company Audit (Fourth Edition-1980) SL-3Company Law CommitteeICAINo
Fundametals Of Accounting With Multiple Choice Que.SL-4 Bharat PublicationNo
Fundametals Of Accounting With Multiple Choice Que.SL-5 Bharat Publication No
General Exonomics With Multiple Choice QuestionsSL-6 Bharat PublicationNo
General Exonomics With Multiple Choice QuestionsSL-7 Bharat Publication No
Mercantile Laws With Multiple Choice QuestionsSL-8 Bharat PublicationNo
Mercantile Laws With Multiple Choice QuestionsSL-9 Bharat Publication No
QuantitativeSL-10 Bharat PublicationNo
Quantitative With Multiple Choice Que.SL-11 Bharat Publication No
Students Gudie To CPTSL-12 Aadhya'S PublicationsNo
Directory of Western India Regional Council ICAISL-13Taxmann Taxmann No
Accounting StandardSL-14 PadukaNo
Accounting Standards With Free Ready Referance SL-15M.P. Vijay KumarSnow White PublicationNo
Advance Auditing By Kamal GargSL-16 Bharat PublicationNo
Advnce AudtingSL-17 PadukaNo
Corporate & Alied LawsSL-46Munish Bhandari No
Corporate & Allied LawSL-18 PadukaNo
Cost ManagementSL-19 PadukaNo
Direct TaxesSL-20 PadukaNo
Direct Taxes Law & PracticesSL-21 TaxmannNo
Direct Taxes Lwa & Practices 2010SL-22 Snow White PublicationNo
Final Course Direct Taxes & Indirect Taxes May-08 -Nov-2008SL-23BOSICAINo
Financial ReportingSL-24 PadukaNo
Financial ReportingSL-25M.P. Vijay KumarSnow White PublicationNo
First Lessons In IFRSSL-26 Snow White PublicationNo
Handbook On Corporate LawsSL-47Munish Bhandari No
How To Suceed In CA FinalSL-27 Bharat PublicationNo
Indirect TaxesSL-28 PadukaNo
Indirect TaxesSL-29 TaxmannNo
Indirect TaxesSL-30 Snow White PublicationNo
Indirect TaxesSL-31 Bharat PublicationNo
Information System Control And Audit SL-32R. ChandrasekherSnow White PublicationNo
Information Systems Control & AuditSL-33 PadukaNo
Notes On Direct Taxes (For A Set Of 13 Modules)SL-34 Bharat PublicationNo
Professional App.Accounting StandardsSL-35 Bharat PublicationNo
Professional App.To Direct Taxes Law & Practices,Gi.Ahuja 2 VolusSL-36 Bharat PublicationNo
Professional App.To Direct Taxes Law & Practices,Girish G AhujaSL-37 Bharat PublicationNo
Standards On AuditingSL-38 PadukaNo
Strategic Financial ManagementSL-39 Snow White PublicationNo
Strategic Financial MgmtSL-40 PadukaNo
Student Guide To Accounting StandaradsSL-41 TaxmannNo
Students Gudie To Direct Taxes SL-42 Aadhya'S PublicationsNo
Students Gudie To Direct Taxes A ComplierSL-43 Aadhya'S PublicationsNo
Students Gudie To Indirect Taxes A ComplierSL-44 Aadhya'S PublicationsNo
Students Gudie To Indirect Taxes By Yogen BangerSL-45 Aadhya'S PublicationsNo
Advance Auditing SL-48Kamal Garg No
Advnce AudtingSL-49 PadukaNo
Advnce Audting And Professional EithcsSL-50Surbhi Bansal No
Auduting StandardSL-51 Snow White PublicationsNo
Cost ManagementSL-52 PadukaNo
Corporate & Alied LawsSL-53Munish Bhandari No
Handbook On Corporate LawsSL-54Munish Bhandari No
Direct TaxesSL-55 PadukaNo
Direct Taxes Law & PracticesSL-56 TaxmannNo
Modules Of Direct TaxesSL-57Vinod Gupta No
Professional App. To Direct Taxes Law & PracticesSL-58Girish G Ahuja No
Financial ReportingSL-59M.P. Vijay Kumar No
Financial ReportingSL-60 PadukaNo
First Lessons In IFRSSL-61 Snow White PublicationsNo
Student Guide To Accounting StandaradsSL-62 TaxmannNo
Students Gudie To Indirect Taxes SL-63Yogen Banger No
Students Gudie To Indirect Taxes A ComplierSL-64Yogen Banger No
Information Systems Control & AuditSL-65 PadukaNo
Information Systems Control & AuditSL-66R.Chandrasekher No
Information Systems Control & AuditSL-67Dinesh Madan No
Strategic Financial ManagementSL-68 Snow White PublicationsNo
Strategic Financial MgmtSL-69 PadukaNo
Contemporary Auditing Part - 3SL-144Mamal GuptaTata mcgraw-hillNo
Corporate And Alied LawsSL-145 Book CoporationsNo
PD Series Part-1 Students Guide to Accounting Standerd 28: Impairment of Assets SL-146BOSICAINo
Special Report Outsourcing SL-147Sourch MediaAccountants Media GroupNo
Study on Transfer PricingSL-148Research CommitteeICAINo
Guidance Notse on Audit of InvestmentsSL-70Auditing Practices CommitteeICAINo
Guidance Notse on Audit of InvestmentsSL-71Auditing Practices CommitteeICAINo
Accounting StandardSL-72 Snow White PublicationNo
Accounting StandardsSL-73 TaxmannNo
Accounting StandardsSL-74 Bharat PublicationNo
Auditing AssuranceSL-75 PadukaNo
Audting AssuranceSL-76 Bharat PublicationNo
Auduting StandardSL-77 Snow White PublicationNo
Cost Accounting & Mangement Vol.1 & 2SL-78 PadukaNo
Income Tax Problem & SolucationsSL-79 TaxmannNo
Income Tax, Vat & Service TaxSL-80 Snow White PublicationYes
Information Tech. & Strategic Mgmt.SL-81 PadukaNo
Law Ethics & CommunicationSL-82 PadukaNo
Law Ethics & CommunicationSL-83 Snow White PublicationNo
Law Ethics & CommunicationSL-84 Bharat PublicationNo
Notes On Auditing & Assurance, An Easy ApprochSL-85 Bharat PublicationNo
Prectical App. to Income Tax, Welth Tax, Service TaxSL-86 Bharat PublicationNo
Ready Referance On Accounting Vol.1SL-87 PadukaNo
Ready Referance On Accounting Vol.2SL-88 PadukaNo
Simplified Approch To Service Tax & VATSL-89 Bharat PublicationNo
Student Gudie To Income Tax 2011SL-90 TaxmannNo
Student Refrance On Income Tax, Service Tax & Vat 2011SL-91 PadukaNo
Students Gudie To TaxationSL-92 Aadhya'S PublicationsNo
Sys. Approch To Income Tax, Service Tax, & VatSL-93 Bharat PublicationNo
Accounting StandardSL-94 TaxmannNo
Ready Referance On Accounting Vol.1SL-95 PadukaNo