Our Chairman


Hello friends wishing you all happy July month which used to be month of filing of individual return but thanks to corona due dates has been extended and we have to deal with various new due dates. I hope everyone in our fraternity are safe and doing wonderful work in their field whatever it may be in job or in practice. Beginning of month the is so excellent i.e 1st july CA day. Wishing you all a very happy CA day and with this beginning we have celebrated CA Day with few activities like Flag hoisting, Blood donation and Tree plantation with the help of committed CA members and students’. I would like to thank each donor who donated blood in this corona pandemic out of all odds. Its time to showcase our image to the society by performing task beyond professional work to create good image to the society. Now we all have learnt how to deal with this pandemic situation and how can we balance work, safety and life. Believe me friends everyone has come out with new life style with hygiene and working pattern that will be helpful throughout the life. As year 2020 is depression in economy and everyone is saying this is the year of survival and not the year of growth but I would say lets invest in self and come out with better inherent values, ethics and principal that can make us one step ahead and better what we are before. We have done with few good activities like Renovation of ICAI circle and launch on CA Day which is landmark of Vadodara ICAI. We have taken initiative with GST department to launch helpdesk and also we are trying to have presence of our fraternity at GST Bhavan with the help of Help Desk. We are also under process to launch new website with new layout and few modification. In month of July we are planning some great session, on 14th July we have session on motivation with learned speaker Shri Gyan Vatsal Swamiji to motivate us and teach few lessons for life. On technical Front we are planning Two days webinar series on IBC and Direct tax refresher course having renowned faculty. So now I request to all my friends please be ready to take off the profession with new heights and come out with great positivity. I am also seeking any kind of suggestion or idea regarding upliftment of profession from all members. Let’s unite and work for the profession.

Sr No Name Year
1 CA. Manibhai M. Chokshi 1967-68
2 CA. Ambalal M. Shah 1968-69
3 Late CA. Krisnakant R. Shah 1969-70
4 Late CA. Chandrakant D. Amin 1970-71
5 Late CA. Vishnu A. Mahajan 1971-72
6 CA. Hasmukhbhai B. Parikh 1972-73
7 CA. Shrishchandra R. Desai 1973-74
8 CA. Suresh S. Thakkar 1974-75
9 CA. Dushyant J. Dalal 1975-76
10 CA. Kaimas C. Mehta 1976-77
11 Late CA. Dilip M. Sant 1977-78
12 CA. Jayantilal H. Shah 1978-79
13 CA. Bipinchandra C. Shah 1979-80
14 CA. Manoj B. Majmudar 1980-81
15 CA. Anil C. Shah 1981-82
16 CA. Vinodchandra J. Kansara 1982-83
17 CA. Mukundbhai V. Shah 1983-84
18 CA. Satish P. Vyas 1984-85
19 CA. Chandrakant R. Shah 1985-86
20 CA. Mayank D. Patel 1986-87
21 CA. Rashmi G. Acharya 1987-88
22 CA. Manish G. Shah 1988-89
23 CA. Anupkumar H. Mody 1989-90
24 CA. Jayeshkumar N. Desai 1990-91
25 CA. Pratap B. Shah 1991-92
26 CA. Milin K. Mehta 1992-93
27 CA. Jayesh I. Mehta 1994
28 CA. Vihang K. Bakshi 1995
29 CA. Mayur K. Swadia 1996
30 CA. Lalitkumar R. Mehta 1997
31 CA. Pravinchandra G .Patel 1998
32 CA. Chirag S. Bakshi 1999
33 CA. Manish A. Baxi 2000
34 CA. Anirudh C. Sonpal 2001
35 CA. Gaurang I. Parikh 2002
36 CA. Sanjeev S. Shah 2003
37 CA. Rajesh N. Shah 2004
38 CA. Vishal P. Doshi 2005
39 CA. Parag A. Patel 2006
40 CA. Amar K. Shah 2007
41 CA. Ashok R. Thakkar 2008
42 CA. Abhishek Nagori 2009
43 CA. Rahul Parikh 2010
44 CA. Manilal Parsiya 2011
45 CA. Pradeep Agrawal 2012
46 CA. Ashish Parikh 2013
47 CA. Nayan R Kothari 2014
48 CA. Yash Bhatt 2015
49 CA. Viral K. Shah 2016
50 CA. Arpan Dodia 2017
51 CA. Dhiren Parikh 2018
52 CA. Hitesh Agrawal 2019
53 CA. Krunal Brahmbhatt 2020